Collect the things you care about

Octobox lets you collect information from anywhere and store it in a single place. It makes it incredibly easy to keep images, gifs, text notes, webpage clippings, links and more.

  • Tags, Collections, Stacks

    Organize your things in a uniquely clear and natural system of Stacks, Collections & Tags.

  • Supercharged Markdown

    Write and edit your documents in an enriched Markdown format with live rendering and to-do list support.

  • Clip Websites and Save Links

    Save links to websites or even clippings of them with Octobot, our friendly browser extension.

Everything you store is just a file in your Dropbox

This is the idea that makes Octobox really special. It's designed from ground up to never handle the files directly, which makes your precious data secure, accessible and incorruptible.

  • Share Instantly

    Thanks to Drobox you can share any file, collection or stack with a click of a button.

  • Manage Files from Your Hard Drive

    Add, remove & organize files right from your hard drive. Once Dropbox syncs, all new files will be added as soon as you log in.

  • Back up and Access Revisions

    Your files are never really deleted or overwritten. You can access and revert them at any time via the Dropbox website.

Here's some ideas for using Octobox

  • Collect visual inspiration

    Gather the things that inspire you in one place. Tags and Stacks are a perfect match for a large visual collection.

  • Research for your next project

    Use Octobox to keep your projects organized. Store related images, snippets, links and documents in one place.

  • 'Getting Things Done' companion

    Octobox was designed as a perfect add-on to your GTD routine. Store all your project-related documents in collections.

  • Keep handy snippets

    With full Markdown support Octobox is perfect for storing quotes, code snippets and anything else you want to keep handy.

Hey there! Octobox has shut down on 31st July 2015!